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  • Boston's best deals on Genuine Scooter Company

    BUDDY 50

    100MPG / $1,999.00
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    BUDDY 50 SCOOTER – BUILT WITH LOVE! This vintage-inspired scooter comes in a variety of retro colors yet has plenty of modern features

  • Boston's best deals on Genuine Scooter Company


    140MPG / $3,699.00
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    Now available with a super clean, environmentally friendly 4-stroke 150cc motor, all-metal body, and a slick 4-speed manual sports-car behaving transmission.

  • Boston's best deals on Lance Power Sports

    Cali Classic 50cc

    100MPG / $1,699.00
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    Gone is the old-style leading link front suspension, replaced by a modern telescopic dual fork front end, with a front disc brake and a 12″ aluminum front wheel.

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