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Motorcycle Classified

Getting a Class M (Motorcycle License) in Massachusetts has never been easier.  Allow yourself to ride on a 125cc engine size or higher.  Study the manual below and get your permit!

Here are the simple steps to obtaining a Motorcycle License in Massachusetts

  1. Download and study the Motorcycle Manual below
  2. Pass the Computerized test at your local RMV
  3. Purchase your 125cc or other higher engine bike
  4. Schedule your Motorcycle road test with Mass RMV and use your 125cc Scooter to obtain the license

Massachusetts Motorcycle Manual

Download Here

List of Motorcycle Class Scooters

  • Buddy 125cc
  • Buddy 170i cc
  • Blur 220i cc
  • Fiddle 125cc
  • Symba 100cc
  • Wolf Classic 150cc
  • Cali Classic 125cc
  • HD 200cc
  • VX 1