Steve & Steve donate scooter to Chinatown Crimewatch / Scooters Go Green

Steve & Steve donate scooter to Chinatown CrimewatchMarch 04 2011 | 12:51 PM

For many years Boston’s Chinatown area was known as the Combat Zone which was over run by prostitution, drugs, and crime.  Mayor Menino and the Boston Police have taken this very seriously and for the past ten years there have been significant improvements to Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood.  Chinatown has been cleaned up and has taken on a new appearance and outlook.

The Chinatown Crime-watch is a group of local volunteers who have dedicated endless hours to patrolling Chinatown at all hours of the night  keeping Chinatown safe.  Steve and Steve of Scooters Go Green have seen the changes personally and felt the hard work of these volunteers should be rewarded.  So at the Chinatown Main Street Lunar New Year Dinner we proudly donated a scooter to the Boston Chinatown Crime-watch team.

Steve and Steve annouce scooter dontation with Chinatown leaders

Steve and Steve at head table with Senator Scott Brown