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The Steves are GREAT! I have been scouting out good scooters for months and SGG did not disappoint.
I’ve never owned, or ridden, a scooter before, and they helped me out a lot. I got a lesson on how to ride the scooter and set my heart on the NEW GENUINE BUDDY that they got in only a couple weeks ago. I had wanted a red one, but they only had black blue and pink… but the Steves hooked me up and my new Buddy arrived in less than 48 hours!
Look out for me on the roads! It’s okay to have a bit of scooter envy :-)

Jess M.  –  Boston MA

I’ve been contemplating buying a scooter for several months and, of course, started my search off with Vespa because I was probably brainwashed somewhere along the way. I’d even been in a few times to the Vespa dealership and left feeling disappointed and as if I was taking up their time. Randomly, I ran across the ‘Scooters Go Green’ tent at Earth Fest, and grabbed a catalogue from Steve L. The look of the Buddy caught my eye. When my roommate and I went to check them out a few days later, Steve G. immediately took a scooter out of the shop, gave us the quick rundown of the features, and let us test drive it; instant love. The Steve’s were wonderful and we never felt pressured for a sale.

The scooter, the price and the service was all perfect! They were so accommodating and hospitable, and the scooters are so fun! During the whole process from inquiry to delivery, I never felt stupid for the questions I asked. I got the red Buddy, my roommate got the light blue one, and we couldn’t be happier with our new transportation. Yay ‘Scooters Go Green!’

Lex M.  –  Brookline MA

I visit this place last sunday.  Looking to buy a scooter.

Burton ( I think that’s his name) He was awesome.  He show us all the scooter and give us a overview of the pros and cons.  Actually,  everyone works there seems to be very helpful and friendly.  They are not the type that are pushy.  It’s a small shop but the people there are nice and friendly which makes it very enjoyable.

Mabel C.  –  Boston MA

Originally, I wanted to get a Vespa over at Herb Chambers in Allston. After taking a look at the reviews, I decided against it. So this place came up, I saw the great different reviews on here and took a look.

These guys really deserve the rating they get. They talked me through the different types, were really knowledgeable about their product, and the fact that everyone who works there drives one of the scooters they sell is reassuring.

Also, the customer service was great, and I walked out about 2 hours after I came in with a red Genuine Buddy 50cc.

If you live in Boston and are thinking about getting a scooter, go to these guys. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Matt C.  –  Cambridge MA

Hands down the best service I’ve ever received.  Not only were they patient with me with all my questions and trying on of helmets, but they also a)  drove me to the insurance office, b)  WAITED at the insurance office for more than a half hour as I was getting everything ready for my scooter and c)  delivered my scooter and me to my house during rush hour traffic.  Everyone at this shop gets my highest praise and recommendation.  You will NOT go wrong with Scooters Go Green.

Rovaira D. –  Boston MA

These guys are just awesome.  I went in not sure where I stood on buying a scooter, especially new, but they just have all the information you want and let you test drive, and there’s NO pressure to buy.  They didn’t even take down my info like a car dealer would to harrass you later.  I bought a new 50cc scooter with a 2-year warranty and roadside assistance and they threw in a helmet and discounted chain lock.  Could not have gone better.   I highly recommend going to these guys and buying new rather than rolling the dice on used stuff on Craigslist, people are selling junk out there.

Phil M.  – Boston MA

OK, here’s the story w/ Scooters Go Green: THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL.

Remarkable businesspeople running a great year-old business, selling and serving fantastic lines of scooters.

I’d ridden a Honda Elite 50cc for more than 10 years and after it was totalled in an accident late last year I wanted to buy a comparable new or used one. After several deals fell through (including a trip to Red Streak Scooters in Marlborough, where I went to look at their line of low-end Chinese scooters which they do not let the public test drive…HELLO, WTF, who’s going to buy a new scooter without being able to take it for a test?!?), I found Scooters Go Green.

They let me test drive three scooters (two from Genuine, made in Taiwan, and one lower-end model from China, the Rocket). No brainer, at least for an experienced scooter like myself. The Genuine Rough House 50 rode like a charm — solid, tough, safe, smooth, peppy — and I bought it on the spot. Because they’re the first Massachusetts scooter dealer to sell the Genuine line, I’m the first kid on the block with a Rough House, but I expect to see many more in the coming months/years. While the Rocket (which sells for less than $1000) is a great novice scooter I suppose,  I found no comparison whatsoever between the Genuine line and the other. You certainly get what you pay for. But Scooters Go Green lets you make your own decision about what scooter is right for you.

Scooters Go Green understand and stand behind their products, they offer full-service and sell accessories, they are unpressured salespeople and extremely nice folks to boot. WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR ARE THEY!!!

I expect to be a returning customer of theirs for many years to come, and I offer the highest praise of their products and service. So much so that I was compelled to write this review, never done such a thing before.

Oh, and I did I mention that my new Rough House 50 scooter is bitchin’ cool…it’s fantastic to be back on the road. Thanks Scooters Go Green for making it happen.

Ed P.  – Boston MA

My experience at Scooters Go Green was fantastic! I  think this was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had in years. Steve and Steve were super helpful and considerate. I’m a college student and this is considerably the largest purchase I’ve ever made. Since I’m young and know nothing about scooters, I expected to be bullied and pressured to buy – However, the complete opposite happened! From the moment I stepped in the door – the Steves were really friendly, put up with my numerous test-drives, and all my questions (and phone calls). They even helped me with my insurance, and they were really patient when my bank screwed up my loan.
Wait! It gets better! Thirty minutes after I happily drove off with my brand new Buddy 125, I accidentally locked the keys inside it. (You can laugh, it’s okay). In a panic, I called the Steves. 15 minutes later, Steve #1 pulls up at my house, unscrews the seat, retrieves my keys and screws my seat back on! And then won’t accept payment. Where can you find service like that?!
Not only are these guys awesome, and run a really fantastic business – they treated me like an old friend and made me feel really welcome in their store. I highly recommend Scooters Go Green to anyone considering a scooter!

Emma P.  – Somerville, MA

I stopped by Go Green today to check out their Hyosung GT250.  I was just trying to kick some tyres and see what the thing looks like in person before one of the Steves offered some commentary.  Before I knew it we were shooting the breeze about motorcycles, scooters, Hyosung etc.  I ended up getting a credit check and was approved on the spot; being 23 this was nice to know.
Regardless I will be patronizing Scooters Go Green with my yearly bonus.  I like helping out genuine and helpful businesses like this.

-Parker M.  –  Boston MA

I really can’t give Steve and Steve enough credit for running such a great business and providing such a pleasant experience and atmosphere for their customers; this seems otherwise unprecedented when it comes to buying new vehicles. I absolutely dread the process of car-buying and really want to emphasize that when I bought my scooter, it did not feel like a car dealership at all.

To give you a little background about me (so you know where I’m coming from), I live just a few miles outside of Boston and wanted a scooter for two reasons: (1) to commute to work when I don’t want to ride by bicycle, and (2) to run errands and do basic shopping around Cambridge/Boston without having to take my Jeep. Though I bicycle regularly, I had never ridden a scooter/moped/motorycle before. I had been considering purchasing a scooter for the better part of a year, but I was a little nervous about the prospect simply because I’d never actually been on one.

When I arrived, they immediately attended to me. I had done some research, but still didn’t know exactly what I wanted or needed; I had compared all of the different 50cc models’ specs, but I didn’t know what they meant from a practical perspective. They asked me what I would be using the scooter for, and then explained what options they felt would suit me best. They offered to let me try any model that I wanted, and they put no pressure on me to make a quick decision, or even to buy that day at all.

There was no haggling and there were no gimmicks. The sticker prices were reasonable, rather than set artificially high knowing that they’ll be negotiated down (prices are firm). There were no stupid games where they go in back and say “let me see what I can do for you.” Steve and Steve were total straight-shooters; I felt they were always being frank and honest with me. It was abundantly clear that they are scooter fanatics at heart rather than salespeople at heart. I wound up taking home a Genuine Scooters Roadhouse 50 that very day.

One other thing that sets them a part is the way that they stand by everything they sell. Even if I went with a cheaper Chinese model, they assured me that they would always be able to locate parts for anything I purchased from them. This is not the case at all dealerships, and if you look around on Craig’s List, eBay, etc., you’ll find that a common complaint is not being able to locate replacement parts or find people to do repairs on off-brand Chinese scooters. I expect to use my scooter for a long time, so I went with a reliable, Taiwanese-built model instead of their less-expensive Chinese counterparts. But if I were on a tighter budget or had other reasons to go for a cheaper, Chinese-made scooter, I would feel much safer buying it from Scooters Go Green than from anybody else, knowing that I could always take it there for work or regular maintenance. I also feel that if anything pops up within the warranty period (2 years, unlimited miles for the Roughhouse 50!) that isn’t the result of gross negligence, they’ll make good on it and not put up a fight about what is and isn’t covered like many dealerships are known to do.

All in all, buying from Scooters Go Green was a great experience. I got good advice without sales gimmicks, I got peace of mind knowing that I have a local place that can perform any necessary maintenance (though I’m told that with proper care I shouldn’t expect any), and I got to support an independent dealership that prides itself on its truly great service. I would recommend them to anybody who is considering buying a scooter.

Robby G. – Middlesex, MA

Awesome service!  After reading reviews on yelp and different scooters in general, I went here thinking I’d give it a shot and walked out with a down payment on a scooter!  Steve was amazingly helpful, honest, and just plain nice.  When I went back to actually pick up the scooter he helped with everything, even filling out the registration papers. I guess he must have passed on information to Genuine Scooters (I bought the Buddy scooter from this brand) and they just sent me a package of freebies thanking me for their business!  Amazing service, great scooter, love it!

Mayra R.  –  Boston MA

I recently bought my scooter from “Scooters Go Green”.  My scooter came with 2 year warranty, 2 year parts and 2 year roadside assistance!  The guys in the shop were SO helpful and patient – its hard to find places that are based so intently on customer service!!  While I was purchasing my scooter, another customer came in and remarked that he wished he had purchased his scooter from their shop, because their service and garage shop was great.  They even threw in a free windshield for my purchase!  Thanks guys!!!

Marisa D.  –  Boston MA

I have said this before, but every time I return to Scooter Go Green and Steve, I am impressed all over again. This past Saturday, I went to have my battery tested since I often travel and leave the bike for weeks to months at a time. The first thing that impressed me was the fact that Steve remembered my name after not seeing or speaking with me for several months. Then he had one of the mechanics test my battery and recharge it for free. I am definitely going to purchase a battery charger from Steve when they come in. Now I’ll need another excuse to come in and get great service from Steve and Scooter Go Green. FYI, I also love their environmental approach to things and their humanitarianism to other causes. I wish they would have a Scooter Go Green day so that all those who purchased scooters could take a ride through the neighborhood one afternoon promoting their business and saving gas and the environment.  G. James

Gerald J.  –  Boston MA

Come stai?  I cannot tell you how much I love my scooter and the guys over at Scooter Go Green.

Last year, my girlfriend and I rented a scooter from this porca puttana in Allston.  Vaffanculo!   All I can say is never again will I go to those ballisti.  Boston is like the perfect city for scooters.  It’s big enough and small enough to cover a good amount of territory in no time.  Parking sucks, we all know about the MBTA and the traffic here is like traffic in any city you go to.  There’s a lot to do in Boston and having a scooter just makes sense.

I did the usual research on scooters which means asking friends with scooters, strangers with scooters and checked a few online reviews.  For the quality and cash, Scooters Go Green was the hands down winner for me.

Honestly, Steve and Steve are really nice guys (the kind you can take home to mom).  But, seriously, they know there stuff.  Bart and Mike are just as awesome.  Steve and Steve sort of work the front of the shop while Bart and Mike work the back of the shop.  I almost dare you to go in there and have a bad experience.

If you’re thinking about buying a scooter for commuting to work, like I originally did, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much use you actually will get out of it.

Bla, bla, bla, bla.  You get the idea.  The website is helpful, but I recommend you stop by and go for a test drive.

Ciao, ciao!

Aaron G.  –  Boston MA

I knew I wanted a scooter for my move to NYC from N.H. this summer. I saw Scooters Go Green’s tent at EarthFest and fell in love with the Buddy Italia. But I waited because I wanted to do some research (not, particularly my strongest suit). I looked around mostly for prices, but decided to email the Steves at Scooters Go Green for some questions about scooters, and how I’d get it from Boston to NH to NYC. Flexing their technological muscles, the Steves graciously replied back, answering my questions (as well as follow-ups). Never did I feel like I was being lured into a web of sleazy dealer doings. Via e-mail, the Steves seemed great …

What got me into their store, a good hour away from my front door, was my discovery of their commitment to human rights (explained on their Web site).
What got me to buy a scooter from them was their genuine (pun intended) kindness and desire to help. I truly feel like, by buying from the Steves, I have a support system for any future questions, accessory purchases, etc. Without a doubt a phenomenal experience for this first-time scooter buyer.

Richie V.  –  Brooklyn NY

Super-duper, great, awesome- none of these come close to describing my experience with Scooters Go Green. I brought my year old Genuine Buddy to them only a week after they became a certified dealer. This certainly did not stop them from performing excellent work, and fast. My turning signals had stopped working last season and they fixed them, as well as tuned my scooter really fast and FREE! The work they did was fantastic, and Steve and Steve are really nice guys, they were genuinely interested in how I liked my scooter, and really seemed to care about what they do. I whole-heartedly endorse them and will take my scooter there from now-on. Thanks guys!

Louis K.  –  Boston MA

The place was great! I had some difficulty finding a shop that would work on my no name moped, but these guys were more than willing to take a look at it. I dropped it off and explained the problem and they had it ready the very next day. My bike is running great. The cost was more than reasonable and the service was excellent.

These guys have alot of moped/scooters to choose from. I would definitely recommend these guys.

Justin K.  –  Somerville MA

Before I stumbled upon Scooters Go Green I was in search of a 50cc scooter for 3 months.  I traveled all around the greater Boston area and could not find any selection of scooters that compared to Scooters Go Green Inventory.  They were the only authorized dealer for Lance Powersports who carried the Vintage 150cc Scooter.  After dealing with one of the owners named Steve I felt extremely comfortable that this was an upstanding and trustworthy company for me to make a rather large purchase.

Steve (the owner) gave me a thorough explanation of how the Scooter worked as well as a mini safety training course.

Overall I was extremely delighted with the customer service and products to choose from.  The staff is friendly and personable and offers a sense of low pressure sales.  Definitely recommend this shop to anyone in the market for a scooter in Boston.


John –  Back Bay Boston MA