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The $999 scooter…September 3, 2015

We will preface this post by letting everyone know we started this business by selling the off brand Chinese made scooters.  These scooters typically range in price from $699-$1299.  From a numbers perspective a dealership can make a larger profit by selling the off brand Chinese made scooters.  So this begs a few questions…..



Why did Scooters Go Green stop selling these scooters?

The short answer is – because of you! We simply could not sleep at night knowing that we were putting our valuable customers on the road with these unsafe bikes.  These scooters are not road worthy and are very dangerous to operate – from the poor balancing, the soft metals used for the frame, and sub par components on these bikes.  This is an appetite for disaster.

This then leads to another problem…. Because of the poor design and manufacturing of these scooters it was a roll of the dice as to how long it would take for the first problem to surface.  Even if the scooter only costs $999 – this is still a good chunk of change to have problem within the first week of ownership.  We encountered this problem all too often.  Customers were frustrated after spending their hard earned money only to encounter defects and problems after the first week of owning the bike.


What are other common  problems you should know about before buying a Chinese made scooter?

Parts!  Chinese scooters are mass-produced with the one and done mentality.  After purchase there is no support from the manufacturer.  Parts are not stocked in the U.S. and you are left with hardly any support.

Repairs!  You may save money in the beginning by purchasing the scooter for $999, but once the bike starts to breakdown (this usually happens within the first month)  you begin to pay U.S. labor wages in your local repair shop – average $85 -$100 per hour.  This can add up very quickly!

Warranty!  The warranty that is attached to a chinese bike is usually non existent – 30 days, 60 days, if your lucky the Chinese scooter dealer may throw out a 1 year warranty just to persuade you to buy the bike.  When push comes to shove and your scooter is actually in need of warranty work – good luck having anything covered.


The Scooters Go Green Answer – All of our scooters come with a no nonsense 2 Year warranty (Parts and Labor)  Some of our Scooters even come with 2 year free Unlimited Road Side Assistance.  If you are having trouble with your scooter you can rest assured that the bike is going to be repaired and put back on the road in a timely manner.

The scooter brands we carry are meant to last with reliability at the forefront of the design and  manufacturing.  Whether you are commuting to work, taking your scooter on vacation, or scooting around town, we can reassure you that you will not be left stranded.

All of the Brands we carry have U.S. distributors with  total product and part support.  All parts are stocked in the U.S.A.  and are only a time zone away (not half way across the world).

Feel free to call or drop by the showroom to find out more information about the top quality bikes we offer.  We look forward to assisting you soon!

Happy Scooting!

The Scooters Go Green Team